The Abiding Heart Education™️ approach is centred on transformative experiential Buddhist learning for kindergarten through to class 8 and it is also of particular interest to those who seek professional and inner transformation. ​Our courses combine Buddhist teachings with a transformative and experiential approach to learning that is woven through the Waldorf pedagogy. We offer full-time and part-time kindergarten and primary teacher training, Buddhist Foundation Studies, and also short courses. Owing to the pandemic, all our courses are online.

The Centre offers kindergarten and primary (class 1-8) teacher training courses (diploma-level and certificate-level) which interweave academic lectures, practical curriculum studies, Himalayan and experiential art classes, meditation classes, and teaching placements. We also offer parts of our teacher training as stand-alone courses which are open to all. The curriculum fuses the live Buddhist experiential tradition which emphasizes applying the knowledge acquired to everyday experience, with Steiner/Waldorf methodology and developmental science, giving rise to a unique and transformative children’s pedagogy. 

The Abiding Heart Education courses are for those who seek inner transformation and to those involved in: teaching and teacher training (kindergarten, primary (class 1-8), middle school, special and inclusive education); children’s social care, child and adult welfare; children’s health care, psychology and therapy; students and researchers of the mentioned disciplines; parents; Buddhist schools around the world; Buddhist monastic schools; Buddhist centres with a children’s programme.

Teacher Training Courses

International Teacher Training:

Diploma level. Full-time over 2 years. Written assignments. Open to students from all countries. 

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Kindergarten Teacher Training


Primary (Class 1-8) Teacher Training Diploma

Regional Teacher Training:

Certificate level. Full-time over 2 years or part-time over 4 years.

People from and residing in any of South -Asian countries (India, Bhutan, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Tibetan Communities, Maldives, Bangladesh and Pakistan), and in the following South-East Asian countries are eligible to apply for the Regional certificate course: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia.


Regional Kindergarten Teacher Training


Regional Primary Teacher Training 

Certificate and short courses


Transformative Experiential Buddhist Foundation Studies


Child Development
from Birth to Rebirth


Learning Theories and


As It Is:
Understanding Children with
Special Needs


Becoming: Nurturing Families
Abiding Heart's Parents
Contemplative Corner

Paubha (Thangka) Painting


Charya Dance