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Current Offerings

Experiential Buddhist Education:

Kindergarten Education: Teacher Training - Master's Degree or Diploma Certification

Foundation Studies

Teaching Methodology for Shedra Teachers

Study Retreats:

Wandering Yogi Retreats (Upper Mustang, Langtang and Manaslu)

Additional Courses to Commence in 2021

Primary School Teacher Training (Classes 1-8) - Master's Degree or Diploma Certifcation

Abiding Heart Education is committed to the continual research, design, and development of educational courses that integrate

Buddhist philosophy with Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf methodologies of balanced teaching.

The following list of courses details those in the R&D phase to be offered in future years.


Teacher Training Courses under Development:

Training for Language Teachers

Training for Birth to Three Educators

Training for Special and Inclusive Education Teachers

Buddhist Education for Primary Schools

Yoga, Movement, and Sacred Buddhist Dance Teacher Training for Primary School Children

Care and Welfare of the Child (House Parenting)

Play Therapy

Short Courses and Study Retreats under Development:

Holistic School Organisation and Management: Nurturing the Being of the School

Cultivating Teachers’ Well-Being

Mindful Parenting

Outdoors Education

Himalayan Crafts

Thangkha Painting and Meditation Retreat in Upper Mustang

Walking the Old Pilgrimage Route  from Simikot, Humla to Mount Kailash

Dancing with Vajrayogini in the Kathmandu Valley

Chariya Dance, Meditation and the Four Vajrayogini Temples