Teacher Training Scholarship Fund

Abiding Heart’s teacher training is open to teachers and aspiring teachers who wish to bring Buddhist-imbued content and Steinerian pedagogy, combined with insights from developmental neuroscience and psychology, into their teaching practice. Our training is particularly suitable for those who wish to:

  • teach in existing Buddhist contemplative based kindergartens and primary schools (class 1-8)

  • teach at an education programme associated with Buddhist or dharma/ contemplative centres

  • set up a Buddhist or contemplative based kindergarten 

  • set up an early childhood education programme for Buddhist or contemplative based centres

  • teach in Buddhist monastic schools

The Abiding Heart Diploma Scholarship Fund

We offer a 2-year teacher training diploma in the Abiding Heart Education approach which is open to both international and Himalayan students. The academic requirements are rigorous, in that a Bachelor’s degree is preferred, and a high level of English is required. 

These teacher training courses are offered on a fee-paying basis and Abiding Heart Education is endeavouring to build a scholarship fund for successful applicants who require financial assistance. 


Students are asked to cover the cost of arts and crafts materials independently. In the case of students who are unable to cover this cost, they may apply for financial support. Our goal is to ensure that nobody will be turned away because of financial difficulties. 

  • You can sponsor a teacher trainee for $50-$100 a month.

  • Or please consider making a one-off donation of your choice.


How to make a donation

Some foundations like Audrey Jacob Foundation in Switzerland, which runs humanitarian, educational, and medical projects in Nepal, collect donations for Abiding Heart Education.

If you are European, donations can be made by Audrey Jacob's Paypal through the button below: 

For all other nationalities, you can donate by Abiding Heart Education US Paypal through the button below: 

If you need further information, please contact our Administration Coordinator at administration@abidingheart.education

Your donation can make a huge difference!