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Abiding Heart's Teacher Training Scholarship Fund

 Teacher Training Diploma Courses Scholarship Fund

Abiding Heart's teacher training courses are offered on a fee-paying basis. We would like to continue to offer scholarships for successful applicants who wish to become fully trained Kindergarten or Primary teachers in our approach, but in need of financial assistance. This includes support to practising teachers who wish to upskill and find new job opportunities and also for committed and enthusiastic candidates who wish to move into a career in high-quality educationOur goal is to help, as much as we possibly can, trainees who are in a real financial difficulty of being able to pay their tuition fees. 


Please help us continue this wonderful tradition and invest in teachers, for they are the ones that touch the future through educating the children. 


About the Training Outcomes:  

Abiding Heart’s teacher training is open to teachers and aspiring teachers who wish to bring Contemplative traditions, Buddhist-imbued content and Steinerian pedagogy, combined with insights from developmental neuroscience and psychology, into their teaching practice. Our training is particularly suitable for those who wish to:

  • teach in existing contemplative based kindergartens and primary schools (class 1-8)

  • teach at an education programme associated with different contemplative traditions' centres

  • set up a contemplative based kindergarten 

  • set up an early childhood education programme for a contemplative based centres

  • teach in monastic schools

Your donation can make a huge difference! 


You can sponsor part of a teacher trainee's fee for $50-$100 a month.


You can sponsor the cost for training one teacher over two years $8,000 by making a one off donation or installments. 


Or please consider making a donation of your choice.

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