Charya Dance


Sangita Shakya, course teacher

Course details

     Teachers: Swayambhu Ratna Shakya and Sangita Shakya

Date: 12th November 2022 - 8th April 2023

Duration: Every Sunday, for one hour

Time: 6.45 - 7.45pm Nepal time

Format: Online (live stream)

Language: All classes and instruction are in English

Fee: $130*

* Limited financial aid is available for those in need.

Abiding Heart Education is offering a new short course in Charya dance.  


Charya dance has been practiced by the Newari priests of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal for hundreds of years. Charya Nritya in Sanskrit means dance as a spiritual discipline. Charya Nritya is a moving meditation, tailored to specific deities, which enables the dancer to fully become the deity in body, speech, and mind, in order to benefit all beings. 

Charya dance forms part of our teacher training where teacher trainees develop insights which go beyond the intellect and touch the realms of deep awareness and intuition. Teacher trainees learn to build a different understanding of space, both outer space and their own meditative space, while continuing to develop a deeper understanding and recognition of the various Buddhist deities. 

The transcendent qualities of sound are explored through reciting the deity 


dance mantras and learning to sing Charya songs related to the dances. This empowers teachers to encourage children's creativity to unfold through teaching them the dance, enabling children to open up in a natural and safe way. 


In this short course we are welcoming primary and secondary school teachers who would like and introduction to this Buddhist dance. 


We also welcome individuals joining the course as part of their personal development. 


This course also offers those interested in Buddhism the opportunity to develop a spontaneous and intuitive understanding and appreciation of Buddhist deities. 


Classes will be online via livestream. 


For more information, please email, complete an admissions inquiry form or message us on WhatsApp at (+977) 9746235508.