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The Making of the

Abiding Heart Education™️ Approach

Dr. Meyrav Mor


In 2000, a nascent Abiding Heart Education approach began its journey with the establishment of my first school in Nepal, Tashi Waldorf School, which integrated Waldorf methodology with Himalayan cultural heritage. Tibetan Buddhism was central to the school’s curriculum due to the primary importance of supporting and nurturing the connection between displaced Tibetan and high Himalayan students and their linguistic and cultural heritage.

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The Abiding Heart Education™️ Approach:

What Is It all About?

Dr. Meyrav Mor

Have you ever considered an approach to applied Buddhism where being a primary or kindergarten teacher can also be a path of inner development inspired by the teachings of the Buddha? 

And another thought: Can the learning process and schooling for children be an integral part of inner development on the Buddhist path?

We, at Abiding Heart Education™️, have been working for many years to answer these questions. 

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