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Abiding Heart's Little School

We are excited to announce the opening of Abiding Heart's Little School, fashioned as a homeschool but with teachers trained as Abiding Heart and Waldorf teachers.

Commencing on 19th February 2024.

Admissions is now open for our kindergarten and primary sections. 

Our Approach

Abiding Heart Education™ is a new approach to learning that fosters a process of transformation.

Abiding Heart is a fusion of contemplative and meditative traditions rooted in ancient wisdoms together with contemporary learning approaches, developmental science and neuroscience.

Our unique Experiential Contemplative Education gives equal weight to the intellectual (head) affective (heart), and doing (hands) domains. This new way of learning places the emphasis on developing wisdom and compassion that is to be lived in the class and in our personal life. 

The Abiding Heart's Experiential Contemplative Curriculum for kindergarten and primary (class 1-8) is rich, delightful, fun and transformative at the same time. It is a joy for teachers to teach this curriculum. Teaching becomes an art!

We deeply believe that our Experiential Contemplative Curriculum can help children heal, thrive and progress on the path of inner development and through this process, the people around them - teachers,  parents, neighbours and community - can also heal. 

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