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About Abiding Heart Education

Abiding Heart Education was founded by His Eminence Mingyur Rinpoche as a centre for conducting research in education, developing Buddhist integrated curriculum for pre-primary and primary schools and training teachers.

Abiding Heart Education™ advocates for self-transformation with a focus on altering the education paradigm itself. Abiding Heart’s unique teaching methodology brings together the Buddhist View, Meditation, and everyday Application with the Waldorf/Steiner Education framework. It consists of an experiential Buddhist approach to learning, and is grounded in process with less focus on outcomes and more focus on nurturing the learners’ changing consciousness, and for educators to have autonomy and ownership. This education uses an approach where all aspects of learning and knowing are interrelated. 


Abiding Heart Education’s mission is to provide the highest quality training to prospective teachers in kindergartens, primary schools, language, special needs, sacred dance, movement, and the arts; drawing upon the richness of Nepal, the Himalayan region, and other parts of the world using the Buddhist paradigm from which to understand and apply developmental psychology and transformational pedagogy when educating children.


Abiding Heart's community of exemplary educators and artists combine extensive research and curriculum development with a unique experiential Buddhist teaching methodology to design all of its programmes.

Buddhism’s ideas of learning are transformational in nature. The aim behind the Waldorf/Steiner approach is educating children towards inner freedom. In Waldorf education, balancing thinking, feeling, and doing faculties allows the possibility for tuning in with the process of the world which then enables us to consciously apply intuitive thinking to our lives. Abiding Heart’s methodology is the interplay and weaving together of the Buddhist and the Steinerian styles to learning. 


Deeply inspired by both traditions, the intention of Abiding Heart’s experiential Buddhist education methodology is to engage in an integrated and holistic learning rather than following the prevailing materialistic, fragmented education methodology. The emphasis in all of Abiding Heart’s courses is on developing wisdom and compassion to be lived in the classroom and in one’s personal life. Therefore, Abiding Heart’s experiential Buddhist education methodology gives equal weight to engaging Head, Heart, and Doing together with the Buddhist approach of View, Meditation, and Conduct or Application. 


Abiding Heart’s Experiential Buddhist education is grounded in nurturing the learners’ changing consciousness. It is centred on emotional literacy and a multi-sensory experiential approach where learning and knowing are interrelated. In this way a shift towards the manner in which we think, feel, and act is more likely to occur. To bring about such a change, our unique methodology supports learners as their awareness grows, widens, and deepens. This learning methodology includes an internal evolution of consciousness in their connections to selfhood, others, and nature. 


There are many aspects in Waldorf education philosophy that resonate with Buddhism. Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Philosophy of Freedom’ aims towards inner self-determination. Most notable commonalities are the inner path to realise our higher self or true nature; concepts of karma; reincarnation; the interdependent nature of everything; compassion; contemplation; and the importance of social, moral, and environmental responsibility. Influenced also by Eastern Philosophies, Steiner viewed everything in the universe as interconnected and interdependent. The ability to use the imagination in such an expansive way, according to Steiner, is a skill necessary for developing higher thinking faculties and deeper levels of consciousness. The importance of well-being and building community between students and teachers is also a shared value. This approach is known for its ability to produce flexible human beings who can handle conflicting demands. Waldorf education is designed to awaken reverence and gratitude in the student. These are principles that already exist in Buddhism. In this way, the Waldorf methodology allows for the preservation of Buddhist ideals. 


Child development embedded within Buddhist human development perspective weaving together

Buddhist and Steinerian teaching methodologies


Curriculum Development

Integrating Buddhism through the Steiner/Waldorf Education application for Kindergarten through Class 8.

Chariya dance curriculum for Primary school (class 1-8)

Special and Inclusive Education Curriculum

Movement education curriculum

Learning languages with a focus on teaching Tibetan and English in an integrated bilingual classroom setting

Experiential Buddhist Education 

Teacher Training

Early Childhood Care and Education

Birth to Three Educators

Kindergarten Teachers 

Primary School Teachers

Special and Inclusive Education Teachers

Teaching Languages Teachers

Care and Welfare of the Child (House Parenting)

Play Therapy

Chariya Dance Teachers for Primary School (class 1-8)

  Teaching Yoga in Primary School (class 1-8)

  Buddhist education for primary schools (includes contemplative education, universal ethics, basic rituals, and Buddhist philosophy)


We offer consultancy service for new and existing schools wishing to implement

Abiding Heart Education methodologies into their schools. 


We also offer the option to custom-make Abiding Heart Education to meet other Buddhist traditions and lineages, as well as make it embedded within the cultural and legal requirement of the country or community requesting.