About Us

International teacher training centre in experiential Buddhist education

Abiding Heart Education was founded in 2017 by Ven Mingyur Rinpoche and Dr Meyrav Mor and brings together a team of acclaimed academics and experts in education, Buddhism, developmental science and the arts. By fusing Buddhist worldview, meditation and application with Steiner / Waldorf methodology and developmental science, we have created a unique children’s transformational pedagogy that gives equal weight to the intellectual, affective and action domains.

Abiding Heart’s approach to education rests on a Buddhist paradigm, rather than on prevailing education systems or worldviews, and the emphasis is on developing wisdom and compassion that is to be lived in the classroom and in one’s personal life. The transformational approach to learning nurtures the children’s changing consciousness and fosters autonomy and ownership in teachers. All aspects of learning and knowing are inter-linked and, by bringing about a shift in how children and teachers learn and experience the world, Abiding Heart education advocates for self-transformation.

A team of experts and teaching practitioners conduct research that informs the teacher training curriculum and methodology as well as the children’s curricular content and learning approach. A main outcome of this work is an experiential Buddhist teacher training centre in Nepal, which caters for international and local communities. The Abiding Heart Education Centre is located in Kathmandu and offers both in-person and online courses. Owing to the global pandemic, all our courses are currently online.

The Centre offers full-time and part-time kindergarten and primary teacher training courses which interweave academic lectures, practical curriculum studies, Himalayan and experiential art classes, meditation classes, and teaching placements. The curriculum draws deeply on the live Buddhist experiential tradition which emphasizes applying the knowledge acquired to everyday experience.

The first semester of the teacher training can be taken as an independent immersive course in Experiential Buddhist Foundation Studies and provides a rich, integrative learning experience. This semester is open to all and focuses on inner development, be it for those preparing to become teachers or for those who are interested in deepening their understanding of Buddhism through head, heart, and doing.

The second semester is open to the public and takes participants on a journey through Child Development from Birth to Rebirth. Conveniently structured in modules, it explore physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, self and spiritual development from conception to birth, through childhood, adult development and the bardos of death. 

Further professional development courses for teachers, parents and others who work with children are under preparation and we will update the website and social media as they become available.