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We offer full time Experiential Buddhist Kindergarten (age 3 to 6) and Primary to Early Secondary (age 6 to 14)

 Teaching Diploma Courses, Experiential Buddhist Foundation Studies, and other personal & professional development courses and retreats for educators, teachers, parents and anyone caring for children, including their own inner child.

The Abiding Heart Education™️ is an approach to children’s education that embraces contemplative paths of inner development that are rooted in ancient wisdom. The aim of Abiding Heart is to educate towards inner freedom through a journey of re-discovering our innate goodness, our Buddha nature. This approach is centred on experiential and contemplative learning, fostering a process of transformation and the development of wisdom and compassion.

  Dr Meyrav Mor conceptualised and developed the Abiding Heart Education™️ approach since 2000. Embedded in this pedagogy is a method to create bespoke curriculums (for kindergarten to class 12) and teacher training courses that meet the specific needs of local communities from diverse global backgrounds. 

In 2017, Dr Meyrav Mor designed the bespoke Abiding Heart's Experiential Buddhist Education for Buddhist communities around the world. This includes the Abiding Heart's Experiential Buddhist Curriculum and Teacher Training Courses. All subjects taught in this approach, from kindergartenprimary (class 1-8) and high school (class 9-12), are immersed within the Buddhist view, meditation and how that informs everyday life activities.  






The primary purpose of the Abiding Heart Education™️ approach is to (re)connect to our Awakened Nature according to each individuals’ capabilities. We are guided by the Buddhist path of learning and inner development; a process that is both experiential and transformative. We do this through the content of the Abiding Heart's curriculum, our teacher training courses and learning approach. By immersing ourselves in this way of being and process of learning, teachers, and children alike, discover a space within themselves that is open, soft and radiant. The essence of this openness is love, which is at the core of all true spiritual endeavour and ultimately transcends desire and concern for oneself. It is the very heart of enlightened wisdom

"Freedom is the sense of being capable of actions motivated solely by love." Rudolf Steiner

Abiding Heart Education™️ rests on the experiential Buddhist tradition rather than on prevailing education systems, and the emphasis is on developing wisdom and compassion that is to be lived in the classroom and in one’s personal life. The transformative and experiential approach to learning nurtures the children’s changing consciousness and fosters autonomy and ownership in teachers. All aspects of learning and knowing are inter-linked and, by bringing about a shift in how children and teachers learn and experience the world, Abiding Heart Education advocates for self-transformation.

Abiding Heart Education is a new pedagogical approach to education with an international teacher training brings together a team of acclaimed academics and experts in education, contemplative science, Buddhism, developmental science, neuroscience, and the arts. By fusing the Buddhist view, meditation and application with Steiner/Waldorf methodology and developmental science, we have created a unique children’s transformative pedagogy that gives equal weight to the intellectual, affective and action domains.

A team of experts and teaching practitioners conduct research that informs the teacher education programmes and methodology as well as the children’s curricular content and learning approach.A main outcome of this 


work is a transformative experiential Buddhist teacher education courses, catering for both global and local communities. We offer both in-person and online courses in the Abiding Heart Education™️ approach. Our courses are offered as a hybrid of online and in-person classes.

Getting to know the Abiding Heart's Team:

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Teacher Training Diploma Courses in Experiential Buddhist Education

1 Sep 2024

1 Sep 2024

1 Sep 2024

1 Sep 2024

Part Time Teacher Training Diploma Courses Route

The following 6 short courses form part of our full-time two-year teacher education programmes and are offered also as stand-alone courses.  We are offering these courses for students who are unable, at this point, to commit to our full-time teacher training or would like to try some of our courses first before deciding whether to continue with the whole programme.  For more information or an informal chat, please contact our admissions coordinator

Short courses

30 Oct 2024

1 Sep 2024

On-going registration

On-going registration

8 Aug 2024

28 Jul 2025

24 May 2025

Study Retreats

1 Oct 2024

14 Oct 2024

10 Oct 2024

23 Sep 2024

22 Oct 2024

29 Sep 2024

24 Dec 2024

25 Nov 2024

19-20 September 2024

7-8 November 2024


We offer curated workshops for parents at each stage of their path of parenthood.

 To learn more, please click on the links above and below.

Peaches and Cream: Joyful Beginning

Infants and Toddlers, birth to age 2

2 June 2025

3 June 2025

4 June 2025

5 June 2025

6 June 2025

19 Aug 2024

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