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Philosopy of Freedom 

"Freedom is the sense of being capable

of actions motivated solely by love." 

Rudolf Steiner, 1894


New dates for 2021 online courses! 

In light of the current global situation, Abiding Heart Education has postponed the start date of our full-time online courses until 22 February 2021. We strongly believe that going online will allow people from many parts of the world to take part in our unique teacher training courses and we anticipate this new start date will enable more people to join. Admissions are open for Abiding Heart’s 3-year Kindergarten and Primary Teacher Training. Please note that the new dates only affect semester 1 and semester 2 dates remain as scheduled. 

We are also delighted to offer the third edition of our 4-month Experiential Buddhist Foundation Studies in an online format, also starting on 22 Feb 2021. Building on the success of our online Child Development course this summer, Abiding Heart is pleased to announce that this course will take place again starting 5 July 2021. Admissions will open in March 2021.


Please email Debbie Tan for more information at admissions@abidingheart.education.

We would also appreciate if you could share this information with people who might be interested.  

Teacher Training Scholarships


Bodhi Tree Scholarships: We are delighted to announce the Bodhi Tree Scholarships consisting of three scholarships of US$4,600 each. Students who are accepted to the full-time Kindergarten or Primary Diploma teacher training may apply. These scholarships are only offered to citizens of the USA, Taiwan and Latin America who are in need of financial support.

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