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International teacher training centre in experiential Buddhist education.


Abiding Heart Education™ is a new approach to education which rests on a Buddhist paradigm. Fusing Buddhist worldview, meditation and application with aspects of Steiner/ Waldorf methodology and developmental science we have created a unique children’s transformative pedagogy that gives equal weight to the intellectual, affective and action domains.


At Abiding Heart Education we conduct research which informs the development of our teacher training curriculum and methodology as well as the children’s curricular content and learning approach. A main outcome of this work is a transformative experiential Buddhist teacher training centre in Nepal, which caters for international and local communities. Located on a hillside in the Kathmandu valley, close to Tergar Osel Ling Monastery, it was founded in 2017 by Ven Mingyur Rinpoche and Dr Meyrav Mor and brings together a team of acclaimed academics and experts in education, developmental science, the arts and Buddhism.


Teacher Training Scholarships


Bodhi Tree Scholarships: We are delighted to announce the Bodhi Tree Scholarships consisting of three scholarships of US$4,600 each. Students who are accepted to the full-time Kindergarten or Primary Diploma teacher training may apply. These scholarships are only offered to citizens of the USA, Taiwan and Latin America who are in need of financial support.

Update on our courses! 

Building on the success of our online Child Development course this summer, Abiding Heart Education is pleased to announce that all our courses are going online in 2021. We strongly believe this exciting opportunity will allow people from many parts of the world to take part in our unique teacher training courses. Admissions are now open for Abiding Heart’s 3-year Kindergarten and Primary Teacher Training commencing January 2021. We are also delighted to offer the third edition of our 4-month Experiential Buddhist Foundation Studies in an online format also commencing  in Jan 2021. Please email Debbie Tan for more information at admissions@abidingheart.education. We would also appreciate if you could share this information with people who might be interested.

Abiding Heart Education, Chhaktole Height, Karkana Road, Nagarjun, Kathmandu, Nepal

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