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The Abiding Heart Education Primary Curriculum for Class 1-8

Examples of Abiding Heart Education's Primary Curriculum Content 

The 12 Deeds of the Buddha:
The Fifteen Days of Miracles

Dr Meyrav Mor and Ms Sonam Choden Thakuri 


In Abiding Heart's Experiential Buddhism course for primary (class 1-8) our teacher trainees learn, among many, many other things, how to celebrate the auspicious Buddhist events, particularly the 12 deeds of the Buddha. Throughout the training we have been spending a wonderful time with our trainees contemplating the 12 deeds of the Buddha. The 15 miracles the Buddha performed is one of the 12 deeds. 

The focus of our understanding, contemplating  and meditating during Chotrul Duchen is the 15 Days of Miracles the Buddha performed in Sravasti. Read more

The Story of Bodhi and Chitta:

A Taster of Abiding Heart’s Primary Curriculum

Dr. Meyrav Mor


I would like to share with you a taster of the Abiding Heart’s primary curriculum content. This section is from

 Just Being: Compassionate Weeks curriculum for Class 6-8 (age 12-15). The following story and activities are an example of an immersive week exploring socio-emotional themes using the contemplative traditions' pedagogy of listening, contemplating, and meditating.

Read more

The Naughty Spirit that Wanted to be Green Tara:

A Taster of Abiding Heart’s Primary Curriculum


Dr. Meyrav Mor

The following contemplative story aims to provide support for children who experience jealousy and struggle to manage it. The story is told to the whole class as a way to awaken self-reflection, taking responsibility for one’s actions and the courage to accept what we can't have.

Read more

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