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Under the Rose Apple Tree

For Parents of Children in Middle Childhood (age 6 to 10)

Workshop details

Facilitator: Shannon Harriman

Dates: TBC

Duration: Once a week, for two hours

Time: 6.45 - 8.45pm - Nepal time (9 - 11am East Coast time)

Format: Online (Live streaming)

Language: All sessions and instructions are in English

Fee: $60 for 6 sessions*

* Limited financial aid is available for those in need.

We are delighted to announce that registration is now open for Abiding Heart’s parents' contemplative Buddhist corner for parents of children aged 6-10. 


In these 6 weekly online sessions, we will create a sacred space where parents from all over the world can feel safe to share, learn, meditate, and be nourished.  Our time together will offer a short pause from our daily routine to foster a connection to ourselves and others, as well as provide an opportunity to explore how the parenting journey looks from varying cultural perspectives. 


Our sessions aim to find a balance of head, heart, and habit in the parenting experience by offering useful insights in the Buddhist worldview. We will explore weekly themes specific to those that arise in middle childhood.  


Some examples of themes that could be covered by the course include:

  • Finding a balance in the exposure children have to media

  • Keeping our children safe, protected, and empowered

  • Managing the virtual and non-virtual social life of a child

  • Navigating transitions (ex. transitioning into primary school; between activities)

  • Understanding and supporting the 9-year-old change

  • Cultivating a sense of belonging in a social web

  • Nurturing health, wellness, and empathy in your child and in yourself

  • Creating family rituals and holding sacred family time

  • Practicing active listening with our children

  • Identifying and holding boundaries (redefining boundaries when appropriate too)

  • Finding age-appropriate ways for children to contribute to the family system


Buddhist principles and experiential tools will be woven into our exploration of the above topics, providing resources to support our own inner development as parents.  Some of these threads include the Four Immeasurables, loving-kindness and compassion, impermanence, interdependence, and Buddha-nature.


Additionally, we will guide you in the practices of meditation, contemplation, and yoga, focusing on the present moment and you as a witness to what arises in your body and mind.  We will also offer simple mindfulness practices, self-regulation tools, and basic rituals that you can do with your children to provide anchors in their experience with themselves and others.


Here is a general outline of our 2 hours together:

  • Opening and meditation

  • Introducing a theme

  • Open discussion of the theme

  • Close discussion with observations/tools

  • Meditation/contemplation related to the theme

  • Yoga, movement, or art

  • Closing and dedication


The course will take place when a minimum of six participants are enrolled.

We hope that you will join us in creating an island of nourishment for you and others on this path of parenthood.  

If you have any queries, please contact us at or complete an admissions inquiry form.

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