Green Tara in view, meditation and pedagogical application*

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Dates and duration:

16 June -17 June, 2021 (2 days: 4 hours)

19 June - 6 August  (1 hour/day: 39 hours) 

Lecturers: Ven. Mingyur Rinpoche; Karma Rinchen Dolma la

Format: Live stream

No fee.

*Green Tara in view, meditation and pedagogical application accompanies modules 1-3. This module cannot be taken as stand-alone but only in conjunction with the Child Development modules. To register, participants must attend module 1 as a minimum requirement.

Schedule 2021                                           Nepal time

Ven Mingyur Rinpoche         16 Jun  - 17 Jun         5pm - 7pm

Karma Rinchen Dolma la      19 Jun  - 23 Jun         6am - 7am

Karma Rinchen Dolma la      26 Jun                      6am - 7am

                                         27 Jun - 30 Jun          5pm - 6pm

Karma Rinchen Dolma la        4 Jul  -   9 Jul           6am - 7am

Karma Rinchen Dolma la      12 Jul  - 16 Jul           6am - 7am

Karma Rinchen Dolma la      19 Jul  - 23 Jul           6am - 7am

Karma Rinchen Dolma la      26 Jul  - 30 Jul           6am - 7am

Karma Rinchen Dolma la      2 Aug - 6 Aug           6am - 7am



Course Description

Mingyur Rinpoche will teach the Green Tara practice by bringing together View, Meditation and Application and relate it to working and being with children. In this course we will learn about the philosophical aspects of Green Tara and focus on deepening the understanding and practice of shamata and vipassana meditation. This six-week experiential and transformational course is for kindergarten and primary teachers, parents, and anyone who works with children.


We will explore Green Tara as a female Buddha and the philosophical understanding that underpins this practice. We learn to develop a relationship to Green Tara as a universal mother and protector principle and relate it to our work and being with children. 


Mingyur Rinpoche will also teach a simple Green Tara practice he has designed specifically for teachers and parents, and will explain the meaning behind the Green Tara female Buddha. We will become familiar with the short prayer recitation, chanting the Green Tara mantra as part of the meditation practice. Rinpoche will explain how such practice can be linked with our motivation, aspiration and conduct when teaching and caring for children. 


The aim here is to make this practice our daily morning meditation in the classroom before the children arrive  in order to align our motivation, intention and inspiration to that of Tara’s enlightened activities, so we may be the best of who we can be that day for the children under our care. Our first and foremost responsibility as teachers/parents is to protect and care for children in every way. Keeping Tara in our mind can support our practice as teachers and help us to develop wisdom and compassion for the welfare of the children under our care and through this for  all beings. 


Once Mingyur Rinpoche has taught the practice and the View, Karma Rinchen Dolma la will continue this journey into deepening our understanding of Green Tara by practicing Mingyur Rinpoche’s meditation instructions and she will continue to explore and expand  the philosophical expressions of Green Tara. We will spend an hour each day learning and practicing with Karma Rinchen Dolma la for six weeks, listening, contemplating and meditating together. 


As part of the Child Development course, students have the opportunity to learn the Green Tara Charya dance and thus explore an artistic way of understanding what is taught during  the Green Tara meditation course.