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 Kathmandu through Newari Buddhist Art

with a focus on Paubha Painting

Art retreat

“Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion.” bell hooks

Name of Retreat: Buddhist Kathmandu through Arts 


Autumn: 23 - 27 September 2024    

Winter: 26 - 30 December 2024

Number of Participants: 6 - 12 

Duration: 5 days 

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: Abiding Heart's Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal 

Fee: *US$800

Teachers: Sudharshan Suwal, Sarmila Rai,

Sonam Choden Thakuri, Dr Meyrav Mor

*Fee includes natural pigments, vegetarian lunches, tea,

and transport to sacred sites. 


In this unique retreat we introduce paubha painting which is an ancient Himalayan Buddhist Paubha art together with basic Buddhist philosophical principles and meditation. This makes for a rich and meaningful visit to Nepal.


Paubha is a Newari Buddhist style of Thangka painting originated in India as early as the 12th century. Such a style of painting can be seen in monasteries in Upper Mustang, Nepal, Ladakh, India, and variations of such styles in Tibet before the 16th Century.


Participants will learn basic Paubha art skills, as well as learn to crush semi-precious stones into pigments and how to make a canvas. We will paint a simple painting of motifs found in Newari Buddhist temples. We will engage in awareness and mindfulness meditation practices, experientially linking art and personal development. Also integrated into this retreat is a visit to Newari Buddhist temples where we explore through storytelling and meditation the Buddhist ideas that are symbolically represented in the temple’s paintings, wood carving and metal work.


Day 1:

Introduction to Paubha art, pigments making and drawing.           


Day 2:

Paubha painting and visiting Newari Buddhist temples.

Day 3: Paubha painting, the Buddhist view and awareness meditation. 

Day 4: Paubha painting, the Buddhist view and awareness meditation.        

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