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A Taster of the Abiding Heart's Curriculum in Pictures 
The Buddhist Year

Saga Dawa

Choturl Duchen

IMG_3965 2.HEIC

2nd Day of Chotrul Duchen 


The Birth of Prince Siddhartha 

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Lhabab Duchen

The First Turning the Wheel of Dharma

The Heart Sutra

The Bodhi Tree and the Twelve Deeds of the Buddha

Experiential Buddhism during Yarne/Rain Season Retreat: The Six Neighbours: Explaining the Realms as a Dress Up Story

The Karmapa and the Black Hat 


Nature Seasonal Table

Spring Nature Table

High Himalayan Monsoon Nature Table


Moonson Nature Table

Daily and Monthly Meditation, Offerings and Rituals 
Baking and Cooking
Choices and Free Play
Learning Languages