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2023 Summer Newsletter

Outreach: Abiding Heart's Support to other Organisations

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2023 Early Spring Newsletter

Abiding Heart Education: A Fusion Of Waldorf Pedagogy With Buddhist Wisdom

Seeds sown in childhood will ripen in the future (lives), contributing to an orientation towards the possibility to progress on the path.

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2023 Late Winter Newsletter:

Abiding Heart Education's Primary Curriculum for Class 1-8

The Abiding Heart's curriculum for kindergarten and primary (class 1-8) is rich, fun and transformative at the same time. This curriculum is wholesome and nourishing both to teachers and children. We deeply believe that the Abiding Heart’s curriculum can help children heal, thrive and progress on the path of inner development and through this process, the people around them - teachers,  parents, neighbours and community - can also heal. To read this article please click here:

2022 Winter Newsletter: Looking Back: 7 Years of Abiding Heart Education

As 2022 comes to a close we take a look back at the past 7 years (and even much earlier than that) of Abiding Heart Education and share our exciting plans for the future.

We dedicate all the merit accumulated from this work to the welfare of all. For the article, please click here:

2022 Summer Newsletter

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