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Students' Testimonials

Every year we get a lot of messages and emails from our students and trainees. Below are samples of just some of the great feedback we are so happy to receive. Please feel free to submit your own feedback to our Administration Coordinator at; we try our very best to take into account the views of our students to ensure and also improve the quality of the education experience we offer.

What People Say

Dipty Neupane,

I really wished to learn Buddhism from the very beginning. All the puppets show that you did it’s so crystal clear to understand the subject matter.

Thank you Meharv for all your support, love, and your guidance because it's you from whom I learn that I need to teach from my heart, not from the book.

Phyo Zarchi Lin,

It has been a true pleasure to be here, to get to know all beautiful hearted people and great teachers. 

I have always thought that Steiner’s education can be blended so well with Buddhism since the first Steiner’s lecture I read and here I am, getting to learn the theories, ideas as well as practical things. I could not be more thankful. Overall experiences, if I can put into some words; magnificent, exquisite and most wonderful training I have attended in my entire life which perfectly teaches Head, Heart and Hands!!!

Felipe Martins,

I had the privilege to be a part of the “child development from birth to rebirth” course, modules I and II and it was so inspiring, even not being a teacher myself – I’m a future parent. It was a rich exchange of views between Buddhism, psychology and pedagogy. The course, despite bringing a beautiful process on child development, is an opportunity to look inwards and heal oneself. It also helps clear dark clouds on one’s own worldview. I think this is a key point on education, may innumerable beings be touched by these teachings.

Overall this was an amazing experience. I’ve never learned in this way before and I feel very inspired and liberated to go back to my own teaching. The main point about nurturing the inner life, understanding it, and studying it from many perspectives on development really sank in for me. Having very different fields, each with their different languages and systems, interwoven around the central theme stimulated my mind in a new way. Usually we have to go to different classes and then figure out how to integrate everything into a single life. The integration was never forgotten here and I appreciated that. This helped me both personally and professionally.

With immense gratitude to everyone who made this class happen and to Meyrav for her heartfelt leadership.

Una Chung,

Mariana Kakalim,

Thank you Meyrav and the Abiding Heart Education Team.  You are planting a compassionate seed to the potential teacher/parents


I’ve found this experience very nourishing and enriching. I appreciated the mix of different angles/contexts that were brought in and how each day was different in terms of what we were learning about and the perspectives we were learning from. The art and charya dance classes were also very helpful for integrating and giving my mind space to rest and digest before going into other things.

This training has been such a blessing and I’m grateful for the opportunity to join in from afar. I can only begin to imagine just how much work and preparation has gone into it on the back end and am deeply grateful for all of the work, energy, effort, time, and resources that you have put into it. Thank you!! Looking forward to joining you again for the second half next year.

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