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Charya Dance


Sangita Shakya, course teacher

Course details

Teachers: Swayambhu Ratna Shakya and Sangita Shakya

Dates: Ongoing (register anytime for 15 lessons)

Duration: Every Wednesday for 15 weeks, for one hour


11.15am - 12.15pm UK time

6.15am - 7.15am East Coast time

4pm - 5pm Nepal time

Location: Online

Format: Livestream with the option of attending this class in one of our centres in Kathmandu or Castle Douglas. For those interested in taking this class at our centre in Scotland, the teachers will teach online but you can be together with other participants and be supported by a member of our team who has studied under these teachers for 5 years. 

Language: All classes and instruction are in English

Fee: US$350

Abiding Heart Education is offering a new, online, short course in Charya dance.  


Charya dance portrays the Buddhist peaceful and wrathful deities. This dance has been practiced by the Newari priests, called Bajracharya, of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal for centuries. Charya Nritya in Sanskrit means dance as a spiritual discipline. Charya is a dance of the mudras and a moving meditation which helps us develop a deeper understanding and recognition of Buddhist deities and explore the transcendent qualities of sound through reciting the relevant deity dance mantra and song.

Charya dance forms part of the Abiding Heart Education™ primary curriculum. The experience of engaging in this dance can help children learn, understand and experience the activity, appearance, and qualities of a deity, and in doing so, cultivate wisdom and compassion.


We develop an experiential understanding of Chayra dance which enables us to share it with children in a developmentally appropriate way.


In this short course we welcome primary and secondary school teachers who would like an introduction to this Buddhist dance.

Classes will be online via livestream. 


For more information, please email, complete an admissions inquiry form or message us on WhatsApp at (+977) 9746235508.

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