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Shedra Teacher Training in

Teaching Methodology

12 January to 22 December 2020 

Course Schedule


Winter Term:

6 January to 27 March 2020 

Residency: 12 January to 17 January 2020 (1 weeks) 


Spring Term:

30 March to 3rd July

Residency: 30 March to 3 April (1 weeks) 


Summer Term:

20 July to 24 December

Residency: 20 July to 24 July (1 weeks)

Presentations and Graduation: 21-22 December

Course Outline

This is a year-long teacher training programme for existing Shedra teachers.

This programme offers pedagogy training for Shedra teachers who show strong active leadership and are dedicated to teaching. It is suitable for Shedra teachers who are committed to continue their own development as teachers and have an attitude of openness to step outside their comfort zone. The course is demanding, requiring active participation during the residency and the ability to study independently in between residencies. 

This training course is divided into the following four areas:

1. Teacher’s qualities and inner preparation

2. Teacher-student relationship

3. Building up content including long term planning and lesson plans

4. Content delivery 

Entry Requirements:

Currently teaching in a monastic Shedra

Admission Process:

Complete application form 

Write short biographical sketch 

Reference from head of Shedra where applicant is teaching 

Interview with one of the course teachers 

For more information or requesting an application form

please contact admin@abidingheart.education