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Learning Theories and Methodologies

  • Starts Oct 30
  • 400 US dollars
  • Live streaming

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Course Information

Buddhist Pedagogy, the Transformative Learning Approach of Rudolf Steiner and other Contemporary Learning Theories. Dates: 30 October - 3 November 2024, 6 November - 10 November 2024 & 20 November - 24 November 2024 This learning theories and methodologies course has three components: 1. Buddhist learning and teaching methodologies 2. Steinerian learning and teaching approaches 3. Contemporary learning theories and methodologies. In this course we explore three main views of learning theories and methodologies, starting with the Buddha’s three-fold qualities of wisdom, compassion and action and head, heart and doing; the methodology of Buddhist view, meditation and application; and the three prajnas of hearing, contemplating and meditating. Taken together, they form a way for deepening our experience and making it more direct. Within this, we weave Steiner's transformational learning, and other contemporary learning theories, such as, John Dewey, the progressive education which encompasses experiential, integrated, and cooperative learning, and Howard Gardener’s multiple intelligences.

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