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Understanding Children with Special Needs

  • 800 US dollars

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Dates: 8th August - 12th August, 2022, 24th October – 4th November, 2022, 6th – 17th February 2023, 17th - 21st April. Understanding Children with Special Needs from a Buddhist and Relationship Driven Perspective with Experiential Arts This course offers an understanding of children with special needs, drawing together the Buddhist view, current Western scientific thinking, experience, and the Steinerian therapeutic arts. Appropriate for teachers, parents and others with an interest in childhood differences, this course will offer a full overview of physical and psychological differences with an emphasis on practical application. Course design will include contemplative, experiential, and artistic components to provide a nourishing environment for learning. The course will be delivered through a series of lectures, case study work, contemplation, discussion, meditation and healing through art and dance. We highly recommend anyone intending to take this course to also complete our child development course, either before or after this course.

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