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Teacher Training Scholarships:  Information for donors 

Abiding Heart’s teacher training is open to teachers and aspiring teachers who wish to bring Buddhist-imbued content and Steinerian pedagogy, combined with insights from developmental neuroscience and psychology, into their teaching practice. Our training is particularly suitable for those who wish to:

  •  teach in Buddhist monastic schools

  •  teach in existing Buddhist schools around the world or education programmes associated with Buddhist centres

  • set up a Buddhist school or an education programme for a Buddhist centre.


Abiding Heart Education is building a scholarship fund for successful applicants who require financial assistance for our teacher training courses. Scholarships cover tuition fees only and studentships cover tuition fees and living expenses. Below you will find our suggested scholarship funds but if you are interested in creating a specific scholarship or studentship for your organisation, please contact Fionnuala at administration@abidingheart.education.

Studentship/Scholarship for full-time kindergarten or primary teacher training

  • Nepali National Studentship: Kindergarten or Primary Teaching Diploma (Full-time)

  • International scholarship: partial scholarship for students who are in need of financial support. Kindergarten or Primary Teaching Diploma (Full-time)

Scholarships for part-time teacher training


Scholarships for Tergar Charities projects 

  • Nubri Kindergartens Scholarship: Kindergarten Teaching Certificate (Part-time)

  • Tergar Kathmandu Monastery Scholarship: Primary Teaching Certificate (Part-time) or Primary Teaching Diploma (Full-time)

  • Tergar Bodhgaya Monastery Scholarship: Primary Teaching Certificate (Part-time) 

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