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Rainbow Heart Project

Indreni Children

Abiding Heart teacher with some of our trainees

The Rainbow Heart Project offers Nepali children access to the Abiding Heart transformative experiential education that brings together the Buddhist principles of developing wisdom and compassion and the Waldorf education methodology by training Nepali teachers in this pedagogy for two years.

The Abiding Heart Education approach aims at immersing the teachers in learning that nurtures the children’s changing consciousness and fosters autonomy and ownership in the teachers.

To support this pathway of self-transformation in both children and teachers, Abiding Heart will assist with equipping the Indreni Charity classrooms with locally handmade learning materials and offer mentorship for eight teachers to fully implement Abiding Heart Education for kindergarten to class 5 as part of the charity during their first two years of teaching. 


In this project, we work in partnership with Indreni Charity, which educates and supports the learning of 830 disadvantaged children in Kathmandu and the countryside. Indreni will offer this system of education in six of its kindergarten and primary classrooms by providing the children with fully-trained and committed teachers and loving and artistic learning environments.

Indreni Chidren

Eight teachers will be trained under this project, two for the kindergarten and six for the primary section. There will be one kindergarten with two teachers and class 1-5 will have six teachers, one main teacher for each class and an additional language and subjects teacher.

The Abiding Heart Education teacher training centre in Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal

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