Primary Online Teacher Training Diploma in Abiding Heart Education™

Commencing February 2022

Minimum requirement: High-school final examinations: grade C or above in English, science and maths. 

Monastic applicants: minimum 9 years of Shedra studies.

DesirableBachelor’s degree: minimum grade C+ or third class honours.

Language: Please note that the language of instruction is English and a high standard of spoken and written English is required.

Teaching placements: Successful applicants must comply with all legislation in relation to school placements in their country of residence, including a Police criminal record check,

Format: Online classes with teaching placements in country of residence

Duration: 3 years full-time over 6 semesters

Assessment: Continuous assessment including attendance, active class participation, written assignments, oral presentations, reflective practice, curriculum planning and teaching placements.

Award: Primary Teaching Diploma in Abiding Heart Education™ 

UPDATE: Registration is now open and the course will commence in February 2022. For more information, please download the updated 2022 Calendar and the updated Primary Diploma Content 2022


Course Description

Abiding Heart Education™ is a new approach to education which rests on a Buddhist paradigm. Fusing Buddhist worldview, meditation and application with aspects of Steiner/Waldorf methodology and developmental science we have created a unique children’s transformational pedagogy that gives equal weight to the intellectual, affective, and action domains.


Abiding Heart Education places the emphasis on developing wisdom and compassion that is to be lived in the classroom and in the teacher's personal life. The curriculum draws deeply on the live Buddhist experiential tradition which emphasizes applying the knowledge acquired to our everyday experience in order to nurture an ongoing transformation.

Abiding Heart’s teacher training diploma interweaves academic lectures, practical curriculum studies, Himalayan and experiential art classes, nature-based activities, meditation classes, and the implementation of child development theory and curriculum studies in preparation for teaching placements. Trainees will gain a good balance of theory and practical knowledge in teaching Class 1 – 8 and the aim is to prepare trainees to embark on life as Abiding Heart Education primary school teachers.

This full-time three-year online teacher training course commencing in February 2022 comprises six semesters. The course content includes:

  • Experiential Buddhist foundation studies 

  • Abiding Heart’s holistic child development from birth to rebirth and Learning theories 

  • Abiding Heart primary curriculum studies from Class 1–8              

  • Remedial education and safeguarding and nurturing the wellbeing of children

  • Holistic school organisation and management                                  

  • Teaching placements in the student's country of residence


Abiding Heart’s teacher training is open to teachers and aspiring teachers who wish to bring Buddhist-imbued content and Steinerian pedagogy, combined with insights from developmental neuroscience and psychology, into their teaching practice. Our training is particularly suitable for those who wish to:

  • teach in Buddhist monastic schools

  • teach in existing Buddhist schools around the world or education programmes associated with Buddhist centres

  • set up a Buddhist school or an education programme for a Buddhist centre


Covid19: Owing to the pandemic all our courses have moved online. In the event the pandemic recedes and travel restrictions are lifted, students will have the option of attending in-person classes on the Abiding Heart Centre in Boudha, Kathmandu while those who so prefer may continue with online classes. The academic calendar will remain the same and we will offer a blended course to accommodate both online and in-person students. 

Please contact Admissions for more information: 

PTT Diploma

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PTT Diploma

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