Part-time Primary Teacher Training in Abiding Heart Education™

Course details

Entry requirements: Nationals of the following countries, who are resident in these countries and currently teaching or intending to teach primary are eligible to apply: Himalayan region and Tibetan community, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. We require a commitment to attend classes

Education requirements: 10+2 or graduated from high school (class 12). Monastics must have completed nine years of shedra. 

Language: all classes and instruction in English (Nepali translation available; Tibetan translation may be available, please enquire.)
Duration: Minimum 4 years, part-time course
Assessment: Continuous assessment including attendance, class participation, oral presentations, reflective practice and preparing lessons and activities for primary education. 
Award: Primary Teaching Certificate in Abiding Heart Education™ 

Winter Training 2021: latest registration date is 1 December 2021. Please ensure we received your application forms (for new students ), or an email confirmation for returning students, by 1 DecemberBelow you will find a pdf with the content, dates and the daily schedule. We look forward to welcoming you to our online classroom!

Course Overview

This part-time teacher training course has been specifically designed for Himalayan primary and lower secondary school teachers who are currently teaching in the Himalayan regions or intending to teach in primary schools in the private, monastic or government sector. Graduates of this four-year training course will receive a Primary Teaching Certificate in Abiding Heart Education™. Teacher trainees from the following South-East Asian countries could also benefit greatly from this training: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia.


Our course aims to preserve the unique Tibetan and Himalayan Buddhism and culture, while introducing transformational and post-modern education practices, as a foundation for primary education in the Buddhist Himalayas. 

Abiding Heart Education has designed a primary (and lower secondary) curriculum for class 1-8 specifically for this region, which integrates the principles of Waldorf Education with Tibetan Buddhism and is embedded in Buddhist and local culture and language. Through this, we aim to contribute to and broaden both government and private sector primary education curriculum.


About the Course

The course will empower primary school teachers with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment in order to support child development. Evidence shows that experiences of such positive learning environments supports the development of self-esteem and confidence and increases the likelihood of children continuing in education. 

Students will receive a theoretical and practical understanding of primary education based on Abiding Heart Education’s experiential Buddhist learning approach and the cultural heritage of the High Himalayas. Teachers from other regions will learn how to integrate their own culture, language and tradition into this education approach. On the course, you will learn: 

  • Buddhist psychology, developmental science and the fundamental and philosophical basis of primary education.

  • Curriculum studies content and application.

  • Curriculum development and lesson planning

  • Artistic activities, such as drawing, painting, clay modelling, woodcarving, handwork and stone carving.

  • How children learn in middle childhood from age 7-14. 

  • Students will also receive a foundation in experiential Buddhist studies, which includes Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and Himalayan Buddhist arts as well as transformational experiential arts. 

New students can join the course during our winter training, starting with curriculum studies or foundation studies, or during our summer  training, starting with modules in child development (please see below for further details) and curriculum studies. Students can enrol on individual courses or complete all the modules offered during these courses, building up credits towards their Certificate over a minimum of four years. Over time, students must complete all courses to graduate with the Certificate.   

Ideally, students should have an existing placement at a primary school, so that they can develop and reflect upon their skills, knowledge and understanding in relation to their own practice. Please contact us if you require a primary school placement as we may be able to connect you with a local Waldorf school or a monastic school in Kathmandu. 

Because of the urgency to protect Buddhist Himalayan culture, Abiding Heart Education has undertaken to translate some of Abiding Heart curriculum into the Tibetan and Nepalese languages. Teachers will have access to rich materials in Tibetan and Nepalese, which support children’s sense of self and cultural identity while preserving their native language and ancient Buddhist traditions. The curriculum is available in English and all other language speakers are welcome to translate the resources into their own language. 


We are able to offer the part-time training on a donation basis thanks to the kind generosity of our sponsors. Any contribution is welcome so we can continue to offer these courses for the HImalayan community. Please note that nobody will be turned away because of financial difficulties. The information on this page and more information about the course content is available in a downloadable PDF  belowDetailed information about the 2021 Summer Training is available in a downloadable PDF  below

To register for the Part-time Himalayan training, please complete the downloadable Application Form and send to

If you have already registered for the Part-time training, then you can register directly for the Winter Training by sending an email to confirming you will attend. 

The Winter Training programme is now available. It will run from 6 December 2021 to 1 April 2022.

Winter Training 2021-2022



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