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Kindergarten Teacher Training: Events

Experiential Buddhist Kindergarten Teacher Training Courses

2-year full-time course

Masters Degree in Experiential Buddhism

& Diploma Certification in Teaching Kindergarten

Taught by International professors and leading experts

Student Entry Criteria

Master’s Degree route minimum requirements:

Bachelor degree with a minimum grade of C+ or third division. Transcripts required

Complete English proficiency test (minimum grade C or 70%).

Diploma Route:

A successful completion of 10 +2 (C+) or

A minimum 9 years of Shedra studies.


This is an onsite course, with obligatory attendance, held over two years, and consisting of four semesters. Fifteen weeks of classes and two to four weeks of school placements. By blending practicum in local rural kindergartens with lectures and art classes on the Abiding Heart campus, each experience enriches the other; coursework, assignments and projects support and deepen trainees’ teaching experience with children while their work with young children expands and informs their experience as a teacher trainee. The training unfolds through a combination of group coursework, independent study, and practical experience during which trainees do written, artistic, and oral presentations of their work. Teacher trainees develop confidence in artistic expression and have opportunities to put child development theory into practice in preparation for school placements and embarking on life as a teacher.  One of our main aspirations through training Kindergarten teachers at Abiding Heart is to protect the joy and wonder of childhood and thereby nurture the young child's all-round well-being.  Both the programme content and  faculty are of the highest standard and this course is intended for those interested in taking leadership roles in early childhood education in their schools.


Course Length:

Two years full-time divided into four semesters.

Each semester includes an average of 15 weeks of teaching

and learning with 400- 560 hours of lectures and 2-4 weeks of school placements.



Kindergarten placements in rural Himalayan regions. 


Please contact us for more information about this course

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