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Karma and Biography 

A group study retreat to explore our inner landscape


“Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion.” bell hooks

Name of Retreat: Karma and Biography Work

Date: 16th - 19th January 2024 

Number of Participants: 6 - 10 

Duration: 4 days 

Location: Abiding Heart Education Centre, Boudha, Kathmandu

Fee: *$250

Teachers: Dr Meyrav Mor

* Fee includes 4 vegetarian lunches and 4 morning and afternoon tea.


In this relaxed retreat style, we explore our life story through biography work and the law of causality or karma. In biography, we look at the human being and discuss its nature. Karma or the law of cause and effect is behind biography work. We make ourselves our study. When we learn to read the script we begin to lift the veil to rediscover our true nature. We use human biography to understand karma and through that we begin to wake up.


The task of doing biography work is to awaken a living imagination of what it means to be human, and an awareness of the laws and rhythms of biographical development and the nature of the human encounter as a foundation for the helping relationship. Biography can contribute to the awakening of a new consciousness and the questions and trails in individual lives today. Biography encourages participants to get in touch with their own existential questions and creativity. It aims to deepen self-knowledge and open a path of inner development that can heighten sensitivity and ethical awareness. 


It is important to not only work with our own biography but to also listen to others' biographies. Meeting and listening to each other with reverence and interest so that we can get in touch with our real questions and potential. 

Daily Schedule

 9.00am- 9.30am                Meditation

9.30am - 10.30am              Biography Session 1

10.30am - 11.00am            Tea Break

11.00am - 12.30am            Biography Session 2

12.30pm - 1.30pm              Lunch break

1.30am - 2.30am                Contemplative Arts

2.30pm - 3.30pm.               Contemplation and Meditation                

3.30pm - 4.00pm                Tea Break and Closing


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