Himalayan Teacher Training Project

Abiding Heart Education is currently training teachers from kindergartens and schools in the Himalayan region. The Himalayan Teacher Training project aims to continue to support teachers through this training while working to increase and broaden the intake of trainee teachers across the Himalayas for sustained social, economic and environmental change and to preserve the unique Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Our work involves:

  • Training kindergarten and primary teachers in Abiding Heart’s experiential Buddhist education

  • Developing a bespoke curriculum for the Himalayan region

  • Consulting with kindergartens and schools on classroom design and resources (e.g. natural playgrounds) and enabling trainees to make toys and other resources to support learning and child wellbeing

  • Translating the kindergarten curriculum content and resources into Tibetan

  •  Consulting on the management of schools and the importance of implementing a continual professional development programme

  • Providing a mentor programme for trainee teachers

About the Training Course 

The Himalayan Teacher teacher training course has been specifically designed for teachers who are currently teaching in the region. The course aims to preserve the unique Tibetan culture and Buddhism, while introducing transformational and experiential education practices, as a foundation for kindergarten and primary education in the Buddhist Himalayas.

The Abiding Heart kindergarten and primary curriculum integrates the principles of Waldorf Education, Montessori and other progressive education approaches with Tibetan Buddhism and as mentioned, is fully embedded in Buddhist Himalayan Tibetan culture. Due to the urgency to protect Himalayan culture, Abiding Heart Education (AHE) has undertaken to translate all Abiding Heart kindergarten curriculum into the Tibetan and Nepalese languages. Teachers will have access to rich materials in Tibetan and Nepalese to support children’s sense of self and cultural identity.

The teacher training course is designed to be completed over four years and provides some flexibility for trainee teachers, who can, to some extent, determine the shape of the learning programme each year at a pace that suits them, while continuing to gain kindergarten school experience. The course involves two main blocks of teaching:

  • A 6-week winter residency on the Abiding Heart Centre

  • A 6-week online training course over the summer

We also offer an intensive primary teacher training that additionally prepares teachers to teach that Abiding Heart Education curriculum and approach in their schools. 

The Himalayan trainee teachers receive a theoretical and practical understanding of early childhood and primary education based on Abiding Heart’s experiential Buddhist learning approach and the cultural heritage of the High Himalayas. The course content includes: 

•    A foundation in Experiential Buddhist studies

•    Abiding Heart’s holistic child development from birth to rebirth and learning theories 

•    Abiding Heart kindergarten/primary curriculum studies             

•    Buddhist psychology

•    Curriculum and lesson planning

•    Artistic activities such as drawing, painting, and crafts

•    Practical techniques such as circles, games, stories, puppetry, finger plays and songs 


Successful graduates will receive an Abiding Heart Education Kindergarten or Primary Teaching Certificate.

​​About our Team of Teacher Trainers

Our international team of highly qualified teacher trainers have an intimate knowledge of the region and the socio-cultural context as well as the skills to support both teacher and child wellbeing and development. Our team provides a unique opportunity for trainee teachers, who are taught by teacher trainers that have many years of experience in Nepalese Waldorf education and experience of Abiding Heart Education that forms the foundation of the kindergarten/primary curriculum.

The Teacher Sponsorship Programme

The teacher sponsorship programme provides financial support to broaden the reach of the teacher training course across the Himalayan region and to increase the recruitment of new trainee teachers. Sponsorship supports the delivery of the course, from providing trainers’ salaries, trainers accommodation and travel expenses, to enabling trainee teachers to access resources and materials for their classrooms. The sponsorship programme also supports our continued work to translate the curriculum into Tibetan and the creation of rich resources for local Buddhist Himalayan kindergarten and schools. 

The Himalayan kindergarten and primary teacher training sponsorship programme lays the foundation for early childhood and primary education in the region, providing high quality education, nurture, and care for its children. 

The course empowers teachers with the knowledge, skills and understanding to create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment to support child development. Evidence shows that early experiences of such positive learning environments supports the development of self-esteem and confidence and increases the likelihood of children continuing in education.

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