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 Himalayan Craft and Mindfulness

A contemplative craft retreat

“Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion.” bell hooks

Name of Retreat: Himalayan Craft and Mindfulness


19-20 September 2024

7-8 November 2024


Number of Participants: 6 - 8 

Duration: 2 days 

Location: Kathmandu Valley

Fee: *US$150

Teachers: Ramila Rai, Sarmila Rai, Sonam Chodon Thakuri

*The fee include material 2 vegetarian lunches and tea. 


In this two days workshop we learn how to make incense and prayer flags being ecologically friendly. 

Prayer flag: making ink out of soot and linseed oil; cutting fabric to a flag shape; block printing prayer on cotton; 

sewing prayer flags on a string to make Tibetan string of prayer flags that can be hung. Prayers on the flag are of Tara, Medicine Buddha, Guru Rinpoche and Tara.

Making Prayer Flags


Making Incense

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