Abiding Heart Scholarship Fund

Teacher Training Scholarships:  Information for sponsors

Abiding Heart’s teacher training is open to teachers and aspiring teachers who wish to bring Buddhist-imbued content and Steinerian pedagogy, combined with insights from developmental neuroscience and psychology, into their teaching practice. Our training is particularly suitable for those who wish to:

  • teach in Buddhist monastic schools

  • teach in existing Buddhist schools around the world or education programmes associated with Buddhist centres

  • set up a Buddhist school or an education programme for a Buddhist centre.

Abiding Heart Diploma Scholarship Fund

Abiding Heart Education offers a Diploma in Teacher Training which is open to both international and Himalayan students. The academic requirements are rigorous, in that a Bachelor’s degree is preferred, and a high-level of English is required. 

These teacher training courses are offered on a fee-paying basis and Abiding Heart Education is endeavoring to build a scholarship fund for successful applicants who require financial assistance. If you are interested in contributing to these scholarships or in creating a specific scholarship for your organization, please contact Janine at administration@abidingheart.education


Abiding Heart Certificate Scholarship Fund

Abiding Heart also offers a Certificate in Teacher Training on a part-time basis for the Himalayan communities. We offer these courses free of charge and request donations insofar as people can pay them. But no one is turned away from our courses.

Given the hardship and economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, we are seeking sponsors to help us keep these courses running. 

  • You can sponsor a Himalayan teacher trainee for $50 a month.

  • Or please consider making a one-off donation of your choice.

Payment options

We offer tax-deductible donations for the US, Canada and most European countries.

We are also in the process of setting up new payment channels including Paypal. 

Please contact Janine for any information about payment options at administration@abidingheart.education


Nubri Kindergartens
Teacher Training Project

We are pleased to share the Nubri Kindergarten In-School Training April 2021