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Module 5

Adult Development: Lifespan phases from 21 to old age


Module details

Lecturers: Lucila Machado, Dr Meyrav Mor 

Dates: 9 - 13 March 2026 (2025 - 2026 intake)

Duration: 5 days (24 hours and 35 mins)

Time: 16.45 – 21.40 Nepal time

Format: Live streaming

Module description

The end of adolescence marks the completion of a significant phase but human development is a life-long process. Nourished with the Buddhist knowledge of human development, we traverse the landscape of adult development as part of lifespan science and the Steinerian phases of spiritual rhythms from 21 to old age. Every stage of life offers a specific set of challenges and lessons that add to our maturity, providing opportunities for our inner development and transformation. 

In this module we survey the changes that occur in consciousness or spiritual development and in the physical and psychological domains. These changes may be steady or swift and may be positive, negative, or neutral. We explore how the complex interdependence of karma, physical, psychological, and environmental influences shapes adult development revealing a systems approach to human development.

We observe the unique way each 7-year cycle offers its own trials and encounters as well as the gifts of transformation, particularly the wisdom of accepting impermanence. We reflect on the interdependent nature of adult and child development. The understanding of adult development is dependent on knowing child development and how patterns acquired in childhood resurface as manifestations of healthy and unhealthy self. Confronting these lessons with courage and authenticity, we have the precious opportunity for psychological and inner development to manifest as love, compassion, resilience and equanimity. 

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