Benchen Monastery Primary School 

Abiding Heart is collaborating with Benchen Monastery Primary School to implement the Abiding Heart Education™ Approach. Benchen Monastery Primary School, a part of Benchen Monastery in Pharpin, Nepal, is the primary school for around 140 young monks.


Young monks at Benchen Monastery 

As part of our collaboration with Benchen Monastery Primary School, the school has allocated new classrooms and are renovating them in preparation for the classrooms being set up with Abiding Heart Education resources. Abiding Heart is donating resources to support the school's implementation of the Abiding Heart Education curriculum. We are also helping Benchen Monastery to set up a kindergarten where the Abiding Heart Education kindergarten curriculum will be provided to younger children.

Classroom renovations at Benchen Monastery 

Some of the resource kit items donated to Benchen Monastery Primary School. Many of the items are handmade by the Abiding Heart Education team. 

Seven teachers from Benchen Monastery Primary School are currently taking our two year, full time, teacher training where they are being trained to experientially teach the Abiding Heart Education™ curriculum. The curriculum is fully immersed within the Buddhist paradigm, view, meditation and how that informs everyday life activities and being. The teachers will undergo inner transformation and development as they develop a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum they will teach.


In addition to teachers attending full time teacher training, Abiding Heart is advising and guiding Benchen Monastery Primary School in how to implement Abiding Heart Education, creating the classrooms' physical environment, HR, and more as part of AHE consultancy service.

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Benchen Primary teacher trainees learning how to set up their classrooms and toys

Dolma Tsering, teacher from Benchen Primary School