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Becoming: Nurturing Families 

Abiding Heart’s Parents Contemplative Corner

Becoming is Abiding Heart's parents contemplative corner with the aim of nurturing families. We offer curated workshops for parents at each stage of their path of parenthood from birth to age eighteen.


Becoming is about creating a sacred space where parents from all over the world are able to share, learn, meditate and be nourished. Each workshop runs for 6 weeks, meeting once a week where our time together offers parents a short pause from their daily routine to foster a connection to oneself and others as well as provide an opportunity to explore how the parenting journey looks from varying cultural perspectives. 


Contemplative traditions' principles and experiential tools will be woven into exploring various themes relating to parenting. Some of these themes include the Four Immeasurable, loving-kindness and compassion, impermanence, interdependence, and our pure fundamental nature. Integrated are practices of meditation, contemplation and some contemplative arts. 

These sessions aim to find a balance of head, heart and habit in the parenting world by offering useful insights into the contemplative traditions worldview rooted in ancient wisdom and meditation. 

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Cherishing: Life Radiating from the Inside

​Prenatal (conception to birth)

Registration Now Open Available In-Person in Scotland 
Registration Now Open
Registration Now Open

Under the Rose Apple Tree: Awareness

      Middle Childhood (age 6 to 10)

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