Becoming: Nurturing Families 

Abiding Heart’s Parents Contemplative Corner

In the beginning of 2022 we will be launching the Abiding Heart’s parents contemplative corner. We will create a sacred space for parents of children of different ages where they can feel safe to share, learn, meditate and be nourished. 

These sessions will take place online enabling parents from many parts of the world to connect with other parents and explore the variations and similarities in the journey of parenting in different cultural contexts. 

There will be ongoing sessions for a period of six weeks to begin with. These sessions are for parents who are in need of ‘an island’ of nourishment and a short pause from busy life to reconnect with themselves, their path of parenthood and grow.


Possible Themes

Coming soon.


We will meet once a week for 2 hours and 15 minutes over a period of six weeks. The structure of a session will be:

  • 15 min - Opening and meditation

  • 20 min - Introducing a theme 

  • 30 min - Opening space for sharing and discussion about the theme; (end with giving an observation/awareness focus, article to work with during the week)

  • 10 min - Break

  • 30 min - Meditation related to the theme

  • 35 min - Arts/movement

  • 5 min  - Closing and dedication


In our sessions we will weave and reflect on selected Buddhist threads, such as:

  • Basic goodness, our true nature 

  • Introduction to samatha calm abiding meditation

  • Awareness

  • Present moment, wonderful moment

  • Mindfulness with our children

  • Being present

  • Breathing 

  • Balancing head, heart and habit in our parenting

  • Relationship with children- cultivating a healthy relationship, recognising the basic goodness in all children and that all behaviour arises out of basic goodness

  • Respecting our children and seeing them as unique individuals that all have Buddha nature

  • Impermanence: recognising that our children are constantly growing and changing; catching up with their developmental changes with wonder and excitement

  • Interconnection/interdependence

  • Family gratitude

  • Nurturing relationships

  • Kindness is not judging (compassion)

  • The Four Immeasurable

  • The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind

  • Give and take meditation

  • Working with our emotions

  • Working with Somatic Experiencing and linking it with meditation practice


We will have different groups for parents to join based on the age of their children:


Cherishing: Life Radiating from the Inside

Prenatal (conception to birth)

The Lotus Child: Being a Young

             Child (age 3 to 6)

Peaches and Cream: Joyful Beginnings

      Infants and toddlers birth to age 2

Under the Rose Apple Tree: Awareness

      Middle Childhood (age 6 to 10)


I’m the Boss of Me: Loving-kindness and compassion

Puberty (age 11-13)

Say What you Mean, Mean what You Say: Everything is Changing

Adolescence (age 13-18)

In Between: Parents sharing with other parents

their journey

Karuna Corner: Once a month Abiding Heart’s family developmental psychologist will answer parents' questions.

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