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This trapezoidal Yangqin is a Tibetan hammer dulcimer, a chromatic instruction with a range of slightly over four octaves. Middle C is located on the tenor bridge, third course from the bottom.

We are looking to buy 10 of these beautiful instruments, each of which costs $300.

Please help us build our Teacher Training and Children's musical department by helping us purchase these instruments, and therefore the programmes that we can offer.

Watch this Tibetan Yangqin Soloist



Lyres.... $645/lyre

Benefits of Lyres for Kindergarten teachers and students.....

Sponsor part-time teacher training for teachers who are already teaching in Nubri region kindergartens

Tuition fee per student per year

= $1,200

Nubri Kindergarten Project


Tergar Monastic Schools

Sponsor a Himalayan Nun or Monk to train as Kindergarten or primary school teacher to teach in the Tergar Monastic Schools.

Tuition fee per Full-time teacher trainee per year

= $6,750/year.

(this is a 2 year course)

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